The setting hasn’t changed, this is still the same highly luxurious setting with harsh marble abounding and delicate sakura dangling over your head. The presentation is still modern, minimalistic and yet opulent. It’s a complete juxtaposition in ideals but it works so beautifully that it could never change and yet remain fashionable for years to come.

The concept hasn’t changed either, it’s still sociable dining at it’s finest. The small plates allow everyone to share both the food and the conversation, culminating in an experience which ends with you feeling closer to your fellow diners than when you began.

The newest additions

Before launching into our menu, we started with the most picture perfect of aperitifs. The Cherry Negroni brought together the intense sweetness of cherries with the sharp bitter notes of Campari. The result was a more-ish cocktail that no one could stop sipping. Speaking as someone who loathes both Campari and cherry, it feels wrong to say that I enjoyed this drink, but I did! I wouldn’t order it, but it’s a great introduction to bitter drinks. It’s something that you can use to learn about the complexity of cocktails without scaring yourself out of trying something stronger in future, and I love it for that.

TattuSS18 CherryNegroni

The Starters

Let’s start at the beginning, mostly because it makes sense to do so, but also because this was possibly my favourite dish of the night. That isn’t meant to belittle the other dishes that came later, but I’m still day-dreaming about the Chilean Sea Bass dumplings. The tastes and textures of the dumpling were light and flavoursome, with the kick coming from the honey and sake mustard on top. Without shame, I would eat this mustard with a spoon if given the opportunity. It was sour and yet never too strong, sweet without being cloying, and creamy without being heavy. There’s nothing more I want out of a condiment… or life.

Tattu ChilliSeaBassDumpling (1)

The Mains

When it came to mains there was more sea bass yet to come, but we’ll get to that later. First, there was the Sweet and Sour Iberico Pork, and oh, the pork. It was sticky and sweet, filled with flavours without being overpowering or overcrowded. The very essence of Tattu. Sticky and hot with a crunchy batter that never went soggy, the pork counterbalanced the sweetness of the dragonfruit and banana shallots alongside it. With each bite we came across more complex flavours. When it was gone we missed it, but there was more yet to come.

Atop a lightly spiced sauce, our second round of Szechuan Sea Bass was almost unrecognisably different from the first. Both perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned, the sea bass was a blank canvas which soaked up the sauce without ever being overpowered.

Tattu SeaBass_005

The Desserts

Finally, when we came to our last course, everyone was more than sated from the dishes that had come before, but there was no way we were going to turn down this dessert. The Baked Lotus Flower was, in essence, a Tattu take on the classic Baked Alaska. Here, sharp lemon meringue was coupled with honey and plum to create a sumptuously delicate presentation. The layers of flavours slowly unfolded like the petals of the lotus flower it was inspired by, with notes of elderflower popping through the honey. The sweetness of the plum was juxtaposed against the sharp citrus notes, and the delicate meringue wrapped around all of it like a blanket, providing support and tying all the flavours together neatly.

Tattu BakedLotus

When everything was finished, we were full but still could have been persuaded to try more. Small plates are deceptive that way, you’ll be more than satisfied and yet desperate for more. Our advice? Come back for a second visit at a later date, leave now whilst you’re full and not uncomfortable. Extend your pleasure across multiple visit, there’s yet more to try, and wonderful drinks to go with it all.

Now, I’m going back to day-dreaming about Sea Bass Dumplings, you should go book your table, then join me in reminiscing. Happy dining.

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