Pho Café Vietnamese Street Food 27 Albion St,Leeds LS1 5AY, United Kingdom 0113 394 2415
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Located in the vibrant and busy environment that is Trinity Kitchen, Pho Café is a permanent fixture within this food hall heaven and rightly deserves its place. Pho café is well known for serving up some of the most delectable Vietnamese street food available.

It may not seem healthy at first glance, but this street vendor does in fact serve up some of the healthiest and taste filled food available in Leeds. Whilst I would always say not to count calories as a primary weight loss method, it can be a good guideline for people who are not fully clued up on nutritional intake. With this in mind, Pho Café offers a delicious range of small and large meals of which the average calorie per dish is under 500 calories.

They serve up a range of rice, egg noodle and veggie dishes, each of which are filled with freshly steamed vegetables and quality sourced fishes and meats. They do also offer a range of deep fried dishes, but as long as you can resist the temptation of fried squid, Pho Café is actually a very healthy place to go.

restaurant404 Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.
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