Out Of The Woods Deli, Homemade, Fresh, Home Roasted Coffee Waterman's Place, 3 Wharf Approach, Leeds LS1 4GN, UK 0113 245 4144
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Sometimes the simple things in life are what we take for granted, the rush of daily stresses and pressure mean the smallest things are throw away thoughts. However, these small pleasures are usually things that leave us with a smile if we take but a few minutes to enjoy them.

Speaking with Ross, the owner of Out Of The Woods, will demonstrate where the passion for this city centre hideaway comes from. Not one to mince words, Ross will tell you straight that they are first and foremost a coffee house, and from our experience, my god do they do it well.¬†Fashions come and go, today’s craziest mix of “chocomocolatte” with none of this and a bit of that, will be tomorrow’s old news. Out Of The Woods have focused more on creating a coffee and making sure each one goes out to the best of their ability.

If you’ve yet to venture to the Granary Wharf site then make sure it’s on your list. For the weekend city visits, It’s Apre Ski-esque feel with wood and soft lighting will immediately warm you from any of the cold weather Leeds has to throw at you. Everything is specifically chosen to make you want to stay, from the warm feeling of the atmosphere to the warm reception from the guys who work there.

Sitting overlooking the canal, it offers you the chance to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and watch the world go by from behind the windows. Or, borrow one of their throws and enjoy the waning autumn sunlight in the fresh air. You can enjoy great homemade food, from breakfasts which include favourites like chunky toast & fresh bacon sandwiches, through to lunch where you can order anything from a Yorkshire roast ham sandwich to a spicy vegetable pakora. And if you’re really wanting to venture in to something slightly different, Out Of The Woods is the only place in Leeds to serve a Brazilian breakfast and has an ever changing specials board.

So whether you’re wanting great coffee with no pretentiousness, or you’re wanting to take a load off your feet and enjoy the food and atmosphere of a local hidden gem, then take our word for it, you’ll want to try Out Of The Woods.


restaurant2469 Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.
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