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The Trinity Kitchen on a Thursday night is fairly quiet and we were so glad of that! Over the weekend the lines at the newest stands in the kitchen will be longer than anywhere else, and we’ll be there then, too!

dapur malaysia

More than a typical food court, this is a heavenly hub where even the pickiest of eaters can find something they love. For the few readers who haven’t already visited the Kitchen, it’s our biggest food court in the city centre. There are many options of cuisines and shared seating so everyone can enjoy together, no matter which vendor they’ve purchased from.

The latest additions

Dapur Malaysia

If you’re looking for big flavours, then this might be the place for you. Dapur Malaysia offers Malaysian curries that everyone can love. It’s bright, colourful, and the delicious aromas will have your mouth watering before you’ve finished placing your order.

The staff are vibrant and love the product they stand with, giving you tasters and answering questions so that you can get the perfect dish for you. For our first visit, we opted for the Butternut Squash and Chickpea curry with rice (V) and the Beef in Tomato and Chilli with Acar and rice. Whilst none of us were veggies, this chickpea curry just sounded too good to miss. We weren’t disappointed by either choice!

dapur malaysia

The spice in the veggie option was present, but not overpowering, and the beef dish was rich and intense. Portions are perfect, so you’re full but not stuffed. You might even be tempted to go back, we certainly were…

Slap and Pickle

More than being just a funny name, this vendor is hilarious and has incredible hot dogs. But before all the vegetarians and vegans out there disappear, read the next three words carefully.

Vegan junk food.

The dirtiest vegan food you’ll ever find. Loaded nachos and for every meat option, there’s a corresponding vegan option. More than just a token gesture, 60% of Slap and Pickle’s sales are of vegan dishes — that’s in contrast to an 8%-10% for vegan sales in the UK!

loaded vegan fries - slap and pickle

It’s easy to see why they’re doing so well once you’ve tried their fares. There aren’t enough adjectives in the world, so we’re just going to make happy noises and hope you understand.

Steak Sandwich

Carnivores delight. This sandwich is everything we needed, and more. The hand raised Wagyu cows have a better life than your average student, being fed grass (we’ll skip that bit) and beer, receiving massages, and generally just having a grand old time.

steak sandwich

Before being served to you, the steak is then thinly sliced and cooked right before your eyes. The various toppings options will make you pause for a minute or more. If you want a recommendation, just ask the staff! For our money, we loved The Cuban and the Jim Bean.

steak sandwich

It’s your choice whether you want the steak in bread or with chips, we’d suggest in chips… but the sandwich makes for the perfect quick lunch, and sometimes, there’s nothing like bread to fill you up. Whatever option you go for you can rest safe in the knowledge that rich flavours will be with you.

Which one is your favourite?

We haven’t tried everything yet, but we will, trust us! In the mean time get out there and try whatever calls out to you most and let us know why you love it. These vendors won’t be around for long, so hurry!

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