So when we heard this “Institution of meat” was re-branding we couldn’t believe it! Huckleberry’s had a cult like following online and we couldn’t work why they would want to re-brand. When we were invited to the relaunch we knew we had to go.

Familiar surroundings

When you walk in, the restaurant has a very similar feel to the old Huckleberry’s, same friendly staff and layout. Only change aesthetically is a lick of paint and a homage to the deep south adorning most walls.



It is then the menu that’s had the most of the work done. The old version had mile high burgers and mountains of chicken wings. This menu focuses on dishes with a deep south twist, think popcorn chicken and buffalo wings, beef brisket and meatloaf. And as they had a whole new kids menu, I took the sternest critic of them all, my 7 year old son, Jake.



Quick Draw Drinking…

We agreed that I’d have a starter while he had his main and he’d have dessert while I have my main, an age old parent trick to try and keep the pace of the meal so we’re always eating together.  His kids meal came with a milkshake so he opted for the Jammie dodger strawberry, which if I say lasted more than 90 seconds is being kind, one look and it was gone so a big thumbs up from him.


Lets get started

For my starter I went with the halloumi fries. There was a decent wait for them which can be looked at in two ways. One, I was starving and wanted them ASAP. Two, they’re cooked to order. It turns out that it’s the latter and thankfully they were definitely worth the wait. Light, crisp, batter wrapped salty halloumi drizzled in Louisiana sauce which has a wonderful kick! If I could insert the drooling emoji it would sit right >here<

Soooooo good!.


7 year old adventurer

Jake, ever the culinary adventurer went for Mac & Cheese with a side of buttered corn.  The pasta was, well, pasta, there’s only one way really, nice enough, but the gooey cheese was rather nice and I don’t mind admitting I stole a couple of mouthfuls.



When it came to my main, I really struggled. Not because no options jumped out at me, more that I wanted one of everything, the curse of not eating all day. It’s a bit like food shopping when you’re hungry and come back with 4 trolleys full.

I eventually went for the Bayou Burger. A thick beef patty glazed with chipotle BBQ sauce, caramelised onions, chorizo sausages, beef tomato and dill pickle, all with a side of twice cooked chips. While I waited for my main, Adam, Holy Moly’s own resident competitive eater came over to see what our initial thoughts were on the new menu. All very good we reported back, with Jake remarking “we need to come back more often” but while Adam was with us, I couldn’t not ask about the re-brand.


If you’re wanting to know, Adam explained the reason behind it is very much in keeping with why Huckleberry’s started. They want to stand out from the crowd, be different. There’s so many North American eateries nowadays in Leeds, think Reds, 5 GuysMeat Liquor, all different in their own right but perception is everything, and when you’re choosing something like this, they all get lumped in to the same bracket. Holy Moly wanted to be different and try to have its own niche of real deep south food, so now you know.

Back to the food

When my burger arrived it looked towering, nothing by the challenge standards but don’t go here for a light bite.


The burger itself was very nice, juicy, cooked just right. Burgers are such a subjective area as everyone has different tastes and I’m a big fan of 5 Guys, however this was well up there. A different style of burger to 5 Guys, more meaty, steak kind of feel but not tough, not tough at all. The chorizo sausages we’re good although a little hard to keep in the burger! The biggest compliment I can pay the chips is they reminded me of the home made chips my mum used to make in the deep fat fryer at home when I was younger. It’s hard to put in to words the texture and taste, crunchy but soft and salty. If you ever had the same at home, you’ll LOVE these just as much as I did!

Dessert floats

Although the original agreement was for Jake to have a dessert, by the time he’d finished he was full so opted for a Coke Float, Coca Cola with a dollop of ice cream in, heart attack in a glass!


Heart attack’s quite a strong word to use in a review and I use it in jest, but really you’re not going to Holy Moly for healthy style no butter, no dairy no this that or the other. You’re going for some good, full fat, real strong flavours with a side of great service. I wish I could remember the name of the girl who looked after us because she was great, but we can report they deliver in “challenge style” bucket loads on all of the above!

In the immortal words of Robin to Batman circa 1964, “Holy Moly” That was good!

By Tom, Restaurants of Leeds Share this story