There’s something comforting in having a great deli on your doorstep.

That’s just what the lucky people of Bramhope have. Whether it’s to stop in for your morning shot of caffeine on the way to work and pick up and sandwich for lunch, or its a lazy weekend morning, you’ve walked the dogs and you’re now reading the paper in the sunshine with some great coffee and cake watching the world go by. Hands up who can’t now wait for the weekend!

The Bramhope Deli caters for all that. Warm soups for the chiller days and light salads for the sunnier ones, although it looks like those days are long gone! Fresh cut deli meats, pastries and cakes. The choices are fantastic, I should know I’ve eaten there. That’s not the reason we’ve come today though, we’re here to talk all things cheese! and if you’re looking for somewhere to satisfy your cheese cravings, ou can thank us later. The owner and resident cheese expert is Lynsey Boshier.




Here’s what she had to say…


Q – Where do you source your cheese from?

A – At the Bramhope deli we work with specialist, established companies who’ve worked for many years with small suppliers to bring the very best cheese Britain and Europe have to offer. One of our suppliers takes a weekly trip to the French cheese market in Paris to collect artisan cheeses from smaller affineurs who make their own.



Q – How do you ensure the quality?

A – My cheese importers work with different affineurs, which means maturer. They have specialist sites in France which are temperature and humidity controlled to ensure that when the cheese reaches the customer it is perfect in texture, breakdown and most importantly flavour.



Q – What’s the most popular?

A – Billie goats cheese, which is a Bramhope deli favourite, Is produced by Harvey & Brockless, produced on their Worcester farm. George who makes it studied at The School of Artisan Food on The Welbeck Estate. This seems to be our signature cheese along with the famous Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire cheese, made using traditional methods, by the third generation of cheese makers from Kirkhams own herd of friesian cows.

Other  favourites are Langres is one of the great French cheeses. It is made where two great wine regions meet; the Burgundy and Champagne. It is brushed in Marc de Bourgogne brandy… as boozy treat! Everyone loves wine right?! The centre is creamy yet fluffy like a cloud, with a delicious oozing breakdown and fruity meaty notes on the rind.



Q – Do you only sell these cheeses or do you try different ones?

A – At the Bramhope deli we try to reflect seasonality in our cheese offering. At the moment it’s all about goat and ewes milk cheeses. We are loving the award winning Pave Cobble, a light delicate ewes milk cheese, with a mousse like texture. At this time of the year the milk is more rich and complex. There are just too many fantastic cheeses to mention, but moving towards the colder months expect to see Vacherin, 18 month hearty cheddars and big bold blues. What could be better with a glass of red by a roaring fire during those cold winter nights. Pure perfection!




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