Not all coffee is created equal, so we’re being very picky with today’s selection of venues. We love all of these sites individually, sitting inside is a great way to spend a few hours, but they’re also great for if you only have five minutes before heading into the office.

Out of the Woods

Tucked away in the wharf, Out of the Woods is saturated with sunlight, warm, inviting, and the coffee is sublime. Their sustainably sourced coffee beans and expertly steamed milk combine to make a caffeine experience which is as joyful as it is effective.

Laynes Espresso

Laynes is perfect for anyone who’s commute to work takes them past Leeds Train Station. With its bold and yet minimalistic frontage, these guys are confident about their coffee, and they’re right to be. The near flawless reputation that Laynes boasts has been hard earned.

laynes espresso

If you can afford to spend a few more minutes inside this paradise before running off, the food menu will have you drooling. Our recommendation? Try the sweetcorn fritters.


This Scandi inspired café lies near St George’s Crypt and is beyond Instagrammable. A red velvet latte is their specialty, but we’re addicted to their chai lattes. The sweet, spiced notes linger on your tongue as the caffeine flows into your veins.

fettle cafe

From their brunch menu, we will forever champion the Salt Beef Hash… It may or not be the main component this writer’s weekend self-care ritual.


Where’s your favourite place to grab a coffee? We’re eternally looking for new inspirations and new recommendations! Let us know in those comments down below, and until then, you can find us inside cafés just soaking up the coffee aroma.

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